Mobile Radio & Fixed-Line Communications Systems

Scope of Services for Fixed-Line Communications

  • Lighting protection systems
  • Maintenance
  • Feasibility studies
  • Planning and construction, including delivery and assembly
  • New cable routings and documentation
  • Installation of cable ducts and junction boxes
  • Installation of additional head-ends and splitters into the copper cable network
  • Splicing of copper and optic fibre cables, varous buffer techniques
  • Connection to TZN, POP, HVT 
  • Cable routing and cable installation
  • Fault detection, frequency and spectrum measurements, Bit Error Rate Tests 
  • Troubleshooting
  • Metering services in the C-line network (NE 3) 
  • Management of civil engineering services, documentation during construction (Braunstrich plans), location into existing network, documentation
  • Implementation of HSI and triple-play links
  • Return-path capable upgrade of end-user connections, including measuring and commissioning
  • Installation and commissioning, LCD display system services at train stations in Germany and abroad


HÖRMANN KN has a long-term successful partnership with Deutsche Bahn AG and has been awarded Deutsche Bahn L1 Supplier status. This and our extensive experience allow us to provide professional services in communications technology for railway applications. Our range of services includes :

  • Fixed line connection (copper and fibre optics)
  • Installation of rail foot cables
  • Railtrack crossings, etc.